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Children, Youth & Families 

We are committed to providing access to quality programming that nurtures marginalized youth onto full potential in every area, starting with early learning.  It is vitally important that they have a fair & equitable start to ensure that they develop into responsible adults & leaders in their community.

"All who believed were together and had all things in common. They sold their property and goods and distributed them to all, according to their need." Acts 2:44-45

Kylee D.jpg

Kylee Dior Christening, 2019

In Loving Memory of Keyosha Monae
Richardson, Photo courtesy of GSFC

Homelessness & Poverty Initiatives

Our Homelessness & Poverty Initiatives are two-fold, and are centered on helping to create awareness around the issues & policies that directly affect our brothers & sisters in transition; and provide those willing to participate in their own personal change, tools necessary to overcome systemic barriers to self-sufficiency. Programs like these, reduce and sometimes alleviate burden & lessen economic impact overall. 


Self -Sufficiency

Our turn-key career readiness program Live It! prepares you for life! Literally.  Our proven tract record of seamlessly connecting the business community with superior talent whose skills are tailored to the needs & requirements of the position, sets us apart in the industry.  Additionally, we help launch new business ventures, provide technical assistance, training with wrap around support, and assist with procuring funding opportunities.  


We believe that strong leadership can result in a rise or fall of a nation--especially one in peril.  Be it a simple retail chain, or a legislative branch of government, examples can be seen everywhere.  We marvel at this number and have therefore, made a strong commitment to limit these examples among our peer groups.   We EMPOWER LEADERS TO LEAD. EQUIP THEM TO BUILD STRONG TEAMS  & MINISTRIES that EMBRACE COMMUNITY, and NURTURE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. 

That is the CORE of OUR Mission!

In addition, we train teams, support them in crisis, provide wise counsel, and pray for leaders -- good, bad, or indifferent.  We are the CHANGE we wish to see in this world.

Spiritual Care 

We are concerned for the spiritual health and well-being of ALL PEOPLE, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religious preference, and/or socio-economic standing; and seek to provide opportunities for authentic connection to God through counseling, fellowships & gatherings, 24-Hour prayer, licensing, training, and visitations.   

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