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365 Days of Motivations for Leaders

Our Signature Podcast

Straight-Talk that Leaders Understand.

Join Pastor Michelle & Friends on a journey through the Highs & Lows of Leadership with candid, outspoken motivations and musings for everyday.

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#REALTalk Tuesdays 

Are You Ready for some real talk, #REALTalk?

Join us for a relevant talk about Jesus, Life, Society, & Culture, you name it!  A down-to-earth and relevant talk for modern times.  This is not church as usual.  These fun, high energy talks about #REALLife issues will be like hanging with your besties while learning together how to navigate life's circumstances with a little humor, a bit of hood, and a whole lot of Jesus.  RE-Launch 2024

Richardson Family Hustle Cover.png


Richardson Family Hustle

Join us for a no nonsense Q&A from a business perspective.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking help w/maximizing your business strategy or help putting some action plans on your vision?  Or maybe your issue is getting "unstuck", send in your business questions, and our family business associates will on our Live broadcast.  Email Us, to send us your questions.

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This Could Be You...

True Stories of Survival & Triumph.  
Walk down memory lane for an inside look at these stories of survival & triumph.  From prison to prestige, street hustling to  dealing hope and building a legacy, these stories will not only inspire you to take control of your life, but this could be YOU!
...Sharing your story too! Contact us to Be A Guest!

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The Mending Room

Come to the place where healing begins...

At the cross.

Jesus Christ is our example.  He took on the responsibility of Savior

to empower His people to reconcile to God & live abundant lives.  

That journey starts in the Mending Room.

Catch Our Next Roundtable 8/2024

The Revolutionary Way

We are tackling issues on the world's stage and handling it the only way that yields results -- The Revolutionary Way!

Thought Leaders around the world of Interfaiths will share from best practices and their expertise at the roundtable to unite the nations.

Contact us to "Be A Guest" on the show.

Wellness & The Word - Wednesday Cover.gif

EVERY 2nd Wednesday at 12 Noon EST

Wellness & The Word

Join us for a lunch time devotion with guided meditation, some physical health & mental wellness tips, and empowerment from the Word of God. 

Do you need to book an appointment, visit our

Wellness Center Online or call to schedule an

appointment with a coach today!


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The Queen's Chat

The Queen's Chat started as an annual social event led by Pastor Michelle to unite Queens from all over the world, giving them a platform to share their experiences to empower others.  Courageous Queens shared their compelling stories to not only uplift, but to inspire hope across many nations.  

Some of our Featured Guests: 

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